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Vintage Vibes!

“Old is Gold” – Ever heard of this nostalgic phrase? Well, it goes so true with the meaning also. On the modern road, what if the vintage interiors started tempting 40% of the population? Wouldn’t it be a sight to witness this!! Yet again, today vintage interiors are beating the modern ones with their antique, rich and architectural designs on the cover page.

Vintage Interiors are the styles of the 1940s dated back to the end of World War II, like the old piece of furniture relating to our Grandma’s home with cherished and nostalgic memories. The speciality about the Vintage Designs is that they invite nature.. be its natural materials, natural fabrics, wood, or stones. It’s the kind of legacy with a special history which makes the home stylish, not as overloaded or cluttered.

Desperate Vintage Designs for Interior Decor

Vintage Designs- The Generation’s first choice!

Gives a warm welcome with simplicity and elegance at homes; can bring you back a deja-vu feeling and let you feel lost in the charisma of classic designs. These vintage designs, when chosen wisely give you the perfect binge of colours, textures, fabrics; thus making the designer desperate to choose “Vintage Design” as a concept on whole.


  • What a good idea… Vintage arts, Vintage paintings? They are the special ones that exhibit the connection with once lived time period or an era. With the mix of bold colours and vintage arts like retro paintings of rivers and mountains, flower garden, landscape plough and retro things like an old perfume bottle, old teen trunk etc. to embellish the walls with a vintage spark.

  • Admiring vintage looks needs some kind of downplayed elegance which means if you have huge luxurious apartments then feel free to use a fireplace as the centre element, add a console to your lobby, drape your curtains well. Add antique-styled furniture, mirrors, artefacts to pep up your home.

  • This is something which would always go right as the correct option to give a vintage look to your home. These elated colours in the shades or tones of green, brown, rust give a statement to the decor and the room as well. Let the artworks on the walls be modest enough with a radial wall mirror hanging out at a proper place where you need to add volume to space, thus giving an illusion of a larger room.

  • Vintage Eclectic is a solution to interior design which is a decor that is a mixture of textures, time period, styles, trends and colours. Adding on to this you can add up with detailing the tables, and chairs with some artistic work of wood on them connecting us with the history. And ready with dim lights; all set with the vintage interiors.

  • Sweet Pastels are the perfect spectrum that may be in the form of intersecting geometric shapes or two-tone walls. They have a new concept of a cluster of frames on the wall over different pastel colours like a bold aqua white striping ceiling, creamy pink, soft mint green colour, baby blue colour or versus white colour. The formula of sweet pastel colours works best to create a rich vintage picture for your rooms.

  • How about the idea of glass? To give a touch of age-old interior to your lovely rooms, a simple glass or a porcelain glass is the best-chosen option from that period of time. Variety of decorative vase-like bud vase, bespoke, ayre, vase or use of ceramics for any small or large column gives a strong focus with a dim light in the particular room.

Above tricks are the best possibilities for summarizing the choices that can be taken to redecorate your delight home.

Why is the generation inclined towards Vintage look?

Answer to this obvious question goes in several head points which can clear the picture:

  • LOW BUDGET: Primarily, comparatively, lower budget in the market is the main reason for making this choice. The vintage accessories are cheaper, affordable and reflect the rich look in between the box of modern ones.
  • TIMELESS BEAUTY: This is again one of the reasons why everyone loves this look. Vintage decorations are more kind to your homes, not giving too much old essence rather provides elegance with little vibes of grandma times.
  • LONG LASTING: When it comes to durability, these decorative accessories of vintage touch win the race, as the materials used in it used to be original. In the yesteryears, if you will see then you’ll find they were long-lasting and didn’t deteriorate with time as well.
  • UNIQUE: No doubt in the fact of uniqueness that Vintage decors have. The accessories, fancy items of the old times are of a rare kind highlighting the history, the specific time period.


Vintage style is a combination of elegance & comfort. The more these styles are being adapted, the better lifestyles are promoted. Add them to any corner of your home and see the magic unwind…Let yourself believe in the thought “I’M A VINTAGE SOUL”

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