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Upskill Designing Career In Lockdown

Digitalization just gave some CPR and brought back the Design Education heart-beat with IDL…

INIFD Deccan, has taken a step, in these pandemic times, where social-distancing matters the most, we can still stay connected and gain education with the help of Digitalization. IDL-Indian Design League, is an INIFD Deccan’s digital initiative that has made Fashion and Interior #DesignEducation more convenient, more affordable, and more accessible. This initiative, has put everything right at the student’s fingertips, making some of the complicated processes possible with a swipe of a finger.

The most valuable thing anyone can own is Knowledge. Knowledge is a stream that flows from the massive river called education. Designers around the world getting inspired, having talent but not knowing what design thinking is get stuck. It is important to set their creativity free with time-to-time guidance.

It is understood that access to design learning anytime, anywhere is the only process to develop a deeper long-term understanding.

Thus, INIFD Deccan, take a digital initiative in association with IDL-Indian Design League to channelize the future Fashion and Interior Designer’s creativity from anywhere, and at anytime.

INIFD Deccan gives you a chance to uplift your creativity, anytime-anywhere with it’s digital design learning evolution.

IDL, is a platform that will help you to tap into your creativity as per your convenience and comfort.

Discover, Curate, and bring your Fashion and Interior Fantasies to life with IDL.

What is IDL?

Education has digitalized, with the number of educational videos on YouTube and applications being developed for the same, the life of students has become easy. Design Education was something, that was not digitalized, until IDL came into existence.

It is a step towards giving wings to all the #DesignDreams, a step to complete the incomplete creation, a step towards the artistic community, a step to give personalized learning space to the designers. For any career, a strong educational base is a necessity, and IDL is something that will give a strong base to your Fashion & Interior design career.

In these locked down times, where social distancing is a necessity, virtual distancing is something that can be tapped inti and INIFD Deccan has made it possible by collaborating with IDL.

Feeling over-whelmed by all that is going on is common these days, thus instead of tackling with stress, anxiety and loneliness let’s invest ourselves in something productive. Get yourself enrolled today!

Still confused and bugged with all the questions like:

  1. Benefits of the Course:
    Yes, it’s an online course & it’ll be really beneficial because you get to sit at the comfort of your own home/office/etc and study designing whenever you want. Following your passion has never been this easy.
    Hence, while you continue your day to day life, doing this course will help you have additional skills & also give you a chance to have an alternate income source.
  2. Live sessions and Lifetime availability:
    The videos are going to be available for you for lifetime. Even if you miss to watch it according to the given schedule, don’t worry, they’ll still be open for you to access, anytime, anywhere. According to your own comfort.
  3. Money Back Guarantee:
    There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked so this means that you’ll get the complete fee reimbursed IF you ask for it in the first 30 days since subscription.
  4. Examination:
    There will be an online exam conducted, once you’ve completed your course.  Also, you will be provided with a certificate of the course after passing the examination. Thus, it is valid and beneficial enough for your future opportunities.
  5. Language Obstacles:
    The course is in “Hinglish” mixture of Hindi and English so that’s why it’s really easy for any student to understand the videos.
  6. Support Assistant:
    Also, we have a Facebook community so you can anytime ask your doubts over there as well.  We also, have a dedicated support cell always online, to solve your technical and non-technical issues you have.
  7. Finance:
    You can pay the course fees in two instalments, or even opt for a complete personal loan from an exclusive IDL associate.
  8. Easy Decision Making:
    To make your decision easy you can have a look at the sample videos.Also, if you want to learn further and avail benefits like lifetime placement assistant, 10

Well, these pointers must have sorted most of your queries, so stay home stay safe and learn comfortably with IDL. Uplift your skills and come-out as an enlightened person after this lockdown.
Wisdom is the light in the darkest times that helps your sail through all your dreams.

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