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Future Fashion and interior Designers turn your abstracts into reality, with a strong design education base, anytime anywhere! Get tuned into e-design learning…

Fashion & Interior Designers are like a flowing river. They flow through their design creation like there is no tomorrow, while they make tomorrow a better place to live in.

Have you ever asked a question, who made your clothes or who built your house? Designers are like the innovators, they get inspired-ideate, through research-and then finally create. We live in their creative world. Thus, it is important that the designers have a strong educational base.

With the changing times, Fashion and Interior Design careers have become the most researched careers on the net. Now due to the internet, the scope for Fashion and Interior Designers has become wide. Fashion and Interior Designers can consult, write blogs, post styling videos on the net, start their own YouTube channel regarding home styling tips and fashion tips, and likewise.

INIFD-Deccan being an educational institute for Fashion and Interior Design, we hear about a lot of problems which these future designers face like:

– Societal Pressure: The ultimate, “Log kya kahenge agar humare bache yeh sab ker ne lag gaye toh”
– Arre shadi kaun kerega agar yeh designing mein apna purra samaye gavayenge.
– The fees, kafi mehenge rehte yeh design courses, how can we afford them.
– Learn to differentiate between your hobbies and career. Yeh designing hobby hie thike, ismein career banoge toh kahi pe nai pahonchoge.
– Kafi durr hain Fashion and Interior Design college itna durr kaun jaenga.
– Interior Designer, it is a patriarchy there nai nai this is not a girl’s job.
– Fashion is a glamourous world, we don’t want our children to get wasted.

Problems hie problems, kidhar se de apne passionate sapno ko udaan…

After hearing to these regular problems affecting the future talented fashion and interior designers, we decided to come up with a plan. Every problem has a solution, just like every lock has a key, and thus INIFD Deccan found its key: IDL-Indian Design League.

We all know, that it is the era of digitalization, and India is a digitalized nation, woh shiksha hie kya joh samaye ka fayda na uthaye, IDL is an E-learning platform that is the Visual Sound of Fashion and Interior Design Education.

INIFD Deccan Goes Digital With IDL:

– Independent Learning:
Yes, it’s an online course & it’ll be really beneficial because you get to sit at the comfort of your own home/office/etc and study designing whenever you want. Following your passion has never been this easy.

Hence, while you continue your day to day life, doing this course will help you have additional skills & also give you a chance to have an alternate income source.

Learn the art of fashion and interior design at your personal space and pace. Dedicate yourself towards your passion anytime, anywhere, whether at home, or traveling, or stuck in those busy working schedules, learn as per your comfort with IDL.

– A moment Of Calm:
Gift time to yourself, to learning what you like, a time to invest in your growth and well-being. Feel free to watch and learn your passion. Don’t let your love for designing that showstopper dress or mindful space deteriorate with all those societal, work or family pressure. It’s time you live your moment, your moment of calmness.

To make your decision easy you can have a look at the sample videos.

Also, if you want to learn further and avail benefits like lifetime placement assistant, 100% placement guarantee, then upgrade to classroom training at INIFD-Deccan, post completion of your course.

– Play-List Select:
These days you make your own music playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it while working out while cooking while working on an important project, and likewise, what if you can select your design education playlist that too, audio and video anytime, anywhere. The videos are going to be available for you for a lifetime. Even if you miss to watch it according to the given schedule, don’t worry, they’ll still be open for you to access, anytime, anywhere. According to your own comfort.

– Multi-Tasking Moments:
Whether at home, at work, on a world tour, at a café, or on a go, you can tap into creative learning with IDL. Audio-visual learnings stay in your mind forever, just like famous movie dialogue. These visuals are grasped by your mind and help you carve your dream design.

It’s hard to not pursue your passion, passion helps you create magic, create the magic of your designing passion by creating a strong base with IDL.

– Through The Screen:
That Fashion History video, that color wheel, those penton color shades, all you will remember lifelong, and in-case you need to brush-up all you need to do is to watch it again because it is a one-time investment with a lifetime membership.

– Money Music:
Still having questions, still are those inner inhibitions making you a bit reckless, and not letting you invest in IDL. New course hain, plus online course, but wait for a second what about that lifetime membership and well, INIFD Deccan has got your back with the 1-month free trial and 100% money-back guarantee within a month. Just subscribe and wait for the magic to happen…

Magic lies in your passion, trust your passion and learn from your personalized space anytime, anywhere…

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