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The Saree Way

Story of Saree:

Back from the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation in the north-western landmass of India(2800-1800 BC), the trace of saree was the sign of the birth of saree. As per the Sanskrit Literature, “Satikka” was the earliest name given to the exquisite sarees.

From the early’s of the 1970s to this succeeding years, apart from India saree has also tempted and won the western countries like the United States, New York and many more.
In this journey, saree went through many transitions and became the symbolic significance in the name of traditional Indian attire.
Our Indian feminine have their best lines for addressing the saree in their own way-
“Saree the versatile wardrobe collection for every body type, every face
Beautiful as TAJMAHAL, and elegant as RICH HEARTS”

Saree: “Call of Bollywood Industry”

Our Bollywood Industry:- the silver screen, and the biggest Fashion Industry have the biggest hand from the way back to push the Indian Culture forward with the ethnic Indian attire called Saree. Several experiments on draping style of saree coming from multi textures, embroidery work, on a different heterogeneous pattern of fabrics have the biggest contribution for letting the saree to gain the worth and popularity across the world. Also, Bollywood divas like Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Deepika Padukone represented our Indian culture in most of the international events. This Saree rich look has been the most alluring in all these series of years Whether it is frilled yellow saree in “tip-tip barsa pani” to “rolled pallu yellow saree of Disha Patani”, Sarees are making a statement of adoring our Indian tradition in the world of continuously advancing with new western Fashion sense.
Bollywood Divas adorn the taste of saree both off-screen and on-screen and each time they teach us how to go with a new look in saree?

  • ➔ Vidya Balen the talented prima donna on the top with her saree sense is something to die for! She has the unique sense of draping 5 inches of saree and flaunting herself wherever she wants too. She inspires most of the Indian women that wherever we go we mustn’t forget our delicate Indian culture.
  • ➔ Madhuri Dixit the dhak-dhak girl in“Didi Tera Dewar Deewana” won everyone’s heart with her mind-blowing dance and with her stunning look in violet saree with deep backless blouse. Not only on the screen but also on the off-screen she too prefers wearing saree in many wedding events or in many film festivals.
  • ➔ Similarly, both Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and Madhuri Dixit in “Dola re Dola” song in laal paar Banarsi saree got famous for years. Even in the year 2019 this song in the same style of draping the saree never went out of fashion. Today also, with the same sparkling attraction this look is in the trend.
  • ➔ Our Desi Girl- “Priyanka Chopra” prefers saree for most of the carnival events. She herself finds the saree the most elegant looks of all the time.
  • ➔ It’s not in the count but actually, most of the Divas like Deepika Padukone, Kareen Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and many more prefer saree as their first preference in their wardrobe look. They say that it’s the most comfortable outfit which never goes out of the fashion trend.
  • ➔ Even it has lured the whole Tollywood Industry. Tammanah Bhatia, kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Akkineni, Anushka Shetty been the Saree lovers and looks stunning in comparison to other western outfits.
  • ➔ When we talk about Hollywood Industry: Limelights of the West we come up with many stylish western outfits worn by Hollywood icons giving a new sense to the Fashion Design. But here also Saree stood up and occupied the incredible place serving the Indian culture and traditions. Hollywood famous actresses like Pamela Anderson, Nicole Scherzinger , Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Selena Gomez rock in the Indian attire: Saree.

The Saree Way: The New Language

“Saree speaks the loudest without words”
Multilingual languages are being the kindest in between all the living souls to get easily coupled with each other. But when it comes to saree then by default it stands in the first which actually doesn’t require any ABC of words.
Howsoever, your body type and body-color are but when saree goes on your body than on every circle of draping it induces the confidence in you. Vibrance of energy draped on your body speaks a lot about you also depending upon the attributes like the type of blossom color, type of fabric you elect.
Like for an instance:
“Colors acts like a rainbow in the clouds of Saree”

  • ❖ Saree with Black Bold Color is absolutely elegant and classy to pick in every season and has an epic statement-
    “Audacity, more Audacity and always Audacity”
  • ❖ Saree with Red Hot Color is a very alluring and seasonal color, of course, speaks about the fire and physical energy one posses.
  • ❖ Saree when draped in Vivid Yellow Color is the message of optimism, cheerfulness, and freshness shines in you.
  • ❖ Likewise, Saree in Dazzaling Blue Color is the color of wisdom and intelligence also, signifies the richness of attitude in you.
  • Rich Green Color in Saree basically connects to the one’s spirit and soul and a sign of bringing a change in the society.
  • Peaceful White Color glorifies the purity, faith, and words of perfection. Women wearing white looks elegant in themselves and it makes them confident from outside and softness from inside.
  • ❖ While women go with the Dazzling Orange Color justifies her determinant personality. The power of creativity is the other way to modify women’s personality draping this color on her body.
  • ❖ Saree when draped in Vibrant Violet Color is totally different from the rest. When it goes on the body it tells the audience how ambitious the lady is. Also, the violet color inherits with the quality of nobility, royalty, and luxurious life.
  • ❖ On coming to Classy Pink Color, spread the feeling of affection and love all around. Women look classy with Pink color: the feminine color. It brings out the best from herself to attract the crowd from surroundings.

And many more colors are still there which have their own language to convey a secret message veiled inside them. These blossom colors spread the vibrancy of energy to make a connection to the world in a new varied way.

Classification of styles of sarees

Saree is the “thread of tradition” contributing the
beautiful essence of conventional India from its every regional part.
Democratic, Incredible India nurtures and holds the numerous classifications of sarees from several regional places from the nation classified as:


  • ★ BANARSI SAREE ~ from Uttar Pradesh
  • ★ CHIKAN KADHAI SAREE ~ from Uttar Pardesh
  • ★ PHULKARI SAREE ~ from Punjab
  • ★ SHALU SAREE ~ from Uttar Pradesh
  • ★ TANCHOI ~ from Uttar Pradesh


  • ★ SAMBALPURI SAREE ~ from Odisha
  • ★ MUGA SAREE ~ from Assam
  • ★ TANT SAREE ~ from West Bengal
  • ★ BHAGALPURI SAREE ~ from Bihar
  • ★ BOMKAI SAREE ~ from Odisha
  • ★ KANTHA SAREE ~ from West Bengal
  • ★ MORANG PHI SAREE ~ from Manipur
  • ★ MOOGA SILK ~ from Assam


  • ★ CHANDERI SAREE ~ from Madhya Pradesh
  • ★ DHOKRA SILK ~ from Madhya Pradesh
  • ★ MAHESHWARI SAREE ~ from Madhya Pradesh


  • ★ NAUVARI SAREE ~ from Maharashtra
  • ★ PAITHANI SAREE ~ from Maharashtra
  • ★ BANDHANI SAREE ~ from Gujrat
  • ★ KOTA SAREE ~ from Rajasthan
  • ★ LEHERIYA SAREE ~ from Rajasthan


  • ★ POCHAMPALLI ~ from Telangana
  • ★ KALAMKARI ~ from Andhra Pradesh
  • ★ KASAVU SAREE ~ from Kerala
  • ★ KANCHIPURAM SAREE ~ from Tamil Nadu
  • ★ ILKAL SAREE ~ from Karnataka
  • ★ KONRAD SAREE ~ from Tamil Nadu
  • ★ KANNUR COTTON SAREE ~ from Kerala

Saree never failed to make its statement. It is always transparent and through the point. And while depicting the crystal clear picture of Indian traditions from several regional places it denotes the efforts of the designer he puts in the regional fabrics in making them beautiful and elegant.


India has many religious sensibilities that have prevailed in India for centuries. Saree has the traditional roots coming from the last 100+ years.
Because of Saree, the Indian Fashion Designers got the new mirror to reflect their exceptionally beautiful designs with Indian artwork printed and stitched on it. Also, Saree has contributed its best in revenue generation for every class of people, and their business. According to the last report in 2018, the stimulation of the handloom sector went up to 710 crores. It is expected to rise from this benchmark by the year of 2020 exploring the Indian Fashion Sense.

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