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The Interview Mastery

INIFD Deccan, in association with the Times & Trends Academy Pune, organised a 3 Days comprehensive workshop on Interview Mastery in March 2015, focussing on learning strategies to turn every interview into a success story. It was attended by over 500 students of Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) Deccan Pune.

The purpose of this workshop was to help the students learn the strategies to turn every interview into a success story, learn the secrets to delve into the interviewer’s mind, feel confident and relaxed before you walk in for an interview, increase your self-confidence to help you build rapport with interviewers faster, learn what makes a great CV and how you can draft one for yourself, learn about the most common mistakes that people make during interviews and how you can avoid them for good, learn how to deal with the most common questions asked during interviews, including the tricky ones, uncover the truths behind some of the most common interview myths.

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