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What’s greater than being acknowledged for the hard work ? The words of appreciation. Hear from Our Faculty, Students, and Industries sharing their experiences with us which motivates us to even more.

It feels great to be a part of team that takes meaningful step towards turning our philosophies & values into action. Currently, I’m working as a Head of Department of Interior Design with INIFD-Deccan. I have chosen to be a part of this institute because I always enjoyed interacting with students, help them grasp new concept and acquire new skills.

Kirti Daryani, HOD-Interior Design

"Hi I am Shamika Pradhan and I’m the Head of Fashion Department at Inifd Deccan. I have followed different career options being on the journey of exploring Fashion – Be it in the fashion industry as a Fashion Designer or as a Fashion Merchandiser or Academics. My Experience at Inifd Deccan has enriched my soul as Fashion Educationalist and allowed me to explore fashion every day. I am glad to share my professional knowledge into the academics and enlighten the young minds of millennials passing every year. My vision is to touch each & every aspect of fashion industry creating well-crafted curricula, hereby adding a new dimension to Fashion Academics and thus aims at providing best Education."

Shamika Pradhan, Head of Fashion Department

I feel honoured to work with such professionals and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at INIFD Deccan. Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence it's so refreshing.

Ar. Akshay Joshi, Interior Faculty

INIFD Deccan is a place where individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes. While here what I learnt is, to think independently and be creative! This is an organization that added significant value to my individuality and helped me reach my highest potential. Fashion is something that comes from within, is what I teach my students. We at INIFD Deccan, work together as a team establishing trust, respect and dignity for all. I am looking forward to, many more years contributing to the growth of the organization.

Gunja Karamchandani, Fashion Faculty

Being a part of the INIFD Deccan is real satisfaction and privilege for me. Here, fears get converted into dreams; hesitations change into motivations. Our, students come from diverse backgrounds and hence bring a multitude of views into classroom interactions, thereby enriching the learning experience for both the students and faculties.

Alka Singh, Fashion Design Mentor

Hello, I am Geetika Awasthi, Fashion faculty and Placement Head for Fashion Department at INIFD Deccan. Fashion has always attracted and pulled me towards it. I feel Fashion and clothing is way to express your insight. Having been done my masters in Textile Designing, I find clothing and fabrication being a very important part of Fashion. INIFD Deccan helped me to explore and execute the same ideas with students. I feel happy to work in such professional institute and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst my colleague. Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence; it's so refreshing. “Care for your Clothes, like the good friends they are”- Joan Crawford

Geetika Awasthi, Fashion Faculty

Being in the design field for over a decade now, I always felt something missing. But helping students shape their careers here at INIFD Deccan, I found it.  And my love for this place is doubled, thanks to all my wonderful colleagues who are so warm and welcoming.

Purva Jamkhindikar, Interior Faculty

I have been associated with INIFD Deccan for the past 3 years, and have always felt at home. I have enjoyed teaching the students as well as learning from them. I believe every day is a new opportunity to learn. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in a collaborative atmosphere and am grateful for it.

Pranoti Chitnis, Fashion Faculty

For ONYX, It has been a long 3-4 years’ time since our association with INIFD and over the period of time the association has been fruitful in terms of placements, orientations, lectures etc. ONYX has recruited a lot of students from INIFD over the period of time and there has been a sense of fulfilment in helping these students in shaping their future. We in ONYX wish all the best to your entire team of management, teachers, support staff etc in INIFD for future growth and prosperity.

Onyx, Industry

We, approached INIFD Deccan for the Internship Program at our place as we were looking for the right candidates to work with us and learn. Their placement team helped to schedule the off-campus Interview. We Selected Swanand Joshi and Shubham Chitoda from their Bsc batch. We found the quality of the students from INIFD Deccan is outstanding and the one’s we have employed from campus recruitment are truly an asset to our organization. Their approach, creativity, enthusiasm and energy were something we admire. They were very responsible towards the work given to them. The students have perspective and were high in their ability and confidence. We believe they will have a great future.

Blanco, Industry

Inifd institute is one of the best interiors institute in Pune. It not only provides the right education to the students but also is a great recruitment platform for companies like Arrivae who believe into hiring young, capable and talented students. The recruitment drive that Arrivae carried out was very well organised and Arrivae found good students who are now working full time with us.

Arrivae, Industry

We are very pleased to be associated with INIFD Deccan Pune. The student quality was good not only in terms of academic knowledge; but also in terms of their personality and grooming. We applaud the efforts taken by the management and the faculty put in to bring the students to the level of excellence they have achieved. Also, we would like to mention the industry readiness of the students is good and they display the fashion effectiveness. It was a pleasure to visit the institute and we look forward to visiting the campus in future. It has been a great experience recruiting students from INIFD Deccan. Thank you so much Ms. Geetika for your support. Excellent experience to work with you.

Bestseller, Industry

All thanks to INIFD-Deccan for giving me a perspective about Interior Designing and helping me out to know the recent trends. It is because of such flexible institute that I got a chance to explore opportunities.

Darshan Baheti, Interior Student

I always had a dream of becoming a Fashion Designer and opening a boutique. In the year 2014, I launched an individual flagship store, “Perfect Style”. All thanks to INIFD-Deccan to give wings to my dreams.

Purnima, Fashion Student

My Journey at INIFD-Deccan has been incredible. Designing mindful spaces has always been a dream and INIFD-Deccan has given the wings of my dream. I immensely thank the college for having a holistic approach in the development of its students. Feeling proud to be an INIFD’ian.

Amol Kanade, Interior Student

INIFD Deccan helped me to get placed in Bestseller, where I was offered an internship  in ONLY Phoenix Marketcity, Pune as a Fashion Consultant where I consulted the customers and styled them as per their need, learned about brand management, experienced retail environment and gained confidence which will definitely help me in my future as a Fashion Designer.

Aditi Dubey, Fashion Student

Life as an INIFD Deccan student is unique in its own right. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extra-curricular to achieve overall development of the students. The faculties here are all experts in their respective fields and as such are able to provide excellent technical knowledge to the students. And specially Sachin Zawar Sir teaching is extraordinary and he always try to bring 100% result from students. Also Miss Kirti Daryani Ma'am who is great at management and she always brings out our hidden talents. But, what set us INIFD Deccan apart is what we also possess the more abstract skill sets like communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are an absolute necessity for success. And I can say with absolute certainty that as a result of everything I mentioned above I have been able to reinvent myself into a more confident individual. INIFD Deccan provides education in the true sense of the word. Thank you INIFD.

Sachin Bansode, Interior Student

I am Leena Tanna of M.Sc 2nd year in Fashion Designing. I have been placed for internship by college in Gawaksh Botique, Prabhat Road. I would like to thank college for giving me such a great opportunity to showcase my talent and getting experience from the outside world. I learnt to handle clients, also learnt about different types of fabrics etc. It was a great experience and a best internship. I would like to thank all my teaching and non-teaching staffs for supporting me on my every step towards success. Also would like to thank INIFD to give me such a big opportunity. Would surely like to add this just because of INIFD I have been also asked to be a permanent member of Gawaksh Botique. And this is the best opportunity I have got and the reason is INIFD. Once again thanks a lot to INIFD Deccan & All my teachers for their support.

Leena Tanna, Fashion Student

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