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So So Grateful…

Have you ever thought about, what are you so grateful for? Okay wait, is it self-love, is it wellness, or wait is it about a productive day contributed to heal yourself or something related to self-awareness. What is it exactly?

Well, we are sure it is none of the above on most of the days, even after those cheesy Bollywood movies preaching dialogues like, “mein toh apni favorite hoon!” there will be always a question about am I looking too fat, oh god when will I gain weight, oh meri height itni kam kyun hain, am I looking a little extra tonight, or the self-doubt questions like why me god, why me, why am I not able to get good grades despite the hard-work, why am I so lazy, why my designs are not like his/her designs, and likewise!

Today on #INFDUnplugged we are going to blog about “the art of being grateful.”

We all are special in this world surrounded with pesky pesticides like depression, anxiety, and panic. How are these pests formed? Have you ever thought about it?

Opinion-opinions-opinions, the world is an opinionated place. Opinions make you worry and worries make you anxious, stressed and slowly all of this leads to a big bubble that makes you claustrophobic and congested. You start working hard but, forget to work smart, and thus get frustrated and depressed.

Have you ever thought about bursting this bubble around you and discover the buried diamonds of your soul? All of us inherit different qualities, and get inspired by different things, thus our thought process to design and innovate differs, it is important that we know our thought process and execute it differently instead of thinking why am I not better than him/her. Your diamonds are your flaws, your diamonds is your awareness and observational skills,  they make you look beautiful there is a reason why you’re busty, there is a reason why you are severely thin, there is a reason why you are fat, there is a reason why you are short, there is reason why you score less marks, there is reason why you cannot design something you imagined, your epiphanies lie inside you, thus don’t doubt yourself. Start working on yourself, every reason has a positive outcome, and everything happens for a reason, it is your self-awareness that defines every reason positively. Accept your flaws and carry them on your sleeves, don’t be scared of them because they are not there to make you weak, but to make you extra strong. Be grateful to them, carry them with a flair and add that sparkle to your life. Be observant, draw your imagination, try and learn why things didn’t work-out for you by doing something nice like solo-travelling, cooking, meditating and most importantly manifesting. Manifestation the art to attract your desires and wants, it is well said that once you manifest, you start thinking positively and you’re so engrossed in that manifestation that you start working hard for it and do not doubt your efforts.  Believe in the act of surrender, the act of laying down all your worries, surrender your guilts, regrets, and consciousness, because these are just going to make you weak, what makes you weak is not you but the negation inside you take it out and be free to know your beautiful epiphanies.

Ans in all of this do not forget to be grateful! Be grateful that you got the present to live and discover more. Life is too short to doubt and worry, make it strong with some acceptance and with some being okay vibes. Because all that shines is life and all that makes you rise is gratefulness.

The world is a happy place, thus seek happiness by writing to us with #INIFDUnplugged and we will blog about the solution to your problems in the next blog.

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