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Oh My, God’s Fashion!

“FASHION” is art on clothes. These arts have done revolutionary changes all across the world with times. If ever you will look behind the picture you will get the clear progressive footprints of fashion which are still in the year 2019 and can be seen in the trend.

Taking the example from country to country traditions, artwork, designs, pattern, fabrics all get diverse. These are being the generic unique identification to categorise each country’s fashion culture and trends on the existing time.

Like, the interesting clothing sense of every country like the devotional religious ideologies both being the important reason which always been used to stay connected to one’s tradition.

What if God has landed in the era of Mega Fashion World?

God or the ultimate almighty as been portrayed in Hindi cinemas or on other big screens gives an idea that how is the actual style worn by our Gods. Yes, they are being so ethnic, grounded to the holy traditional outfits inspiring the designers from the beginning to make a new fusion to be in connection with mythology and God as well.

2019 is the mega year cultivated so many big Fashion Industries which comprehended of –

1. Western Dresses

  • ★ Streetwear
  • ★ Vacations styles
  • ★ Business Casual
  • ★ Business Formals
  • ★ Sports Wear
  • ★ Cowgirl Fashion Style
  • ★ Punk
  • ★ Maternity styles
  • ★ Evening Dresses
  • ★ Hip-Hop Styles
  • ★ Tomboy
  • ★ Flapper Fashion
  • ★ Modest Fashion

2. Indo-Western Dresses

  • ★ Ethnic Kurta/Kurti
  • ★ Western-pattern sarees
  • ★ Ethnic jackets

3. Indian Dresses

  • ★ Sarees
  • ★ Kurta/Kurti
  • ★ Salwar Kameez
  • ★ Pyjamas
  • ★ Saree’s Blouse
  • ★ Dhoti

Military dresses and many more gets added on the list of the surplus styles of dresses.

If God himself has landed in this evolutionary year on the earth so first he must have got surprised with the creative designs but also, slightly must have got shocked with some exposing dresses which sound very bold but really difficult to wear in the crowd.
From the body covered dresses to the luring exposing dresses might have created the trouble for God to wear it all around. But they must have got the excitement and relaxation in the choices between the numerous types of dresses all across the world, providing them with a new look.

How the new transformational look on God have looked like?

Living in the 21st world of the century with a strong belief on the subject of science it is an imaginary vision of ours visualizing our lords in today’s fashion.
Let’s be creative with our imaginary retina displaying the picture of God in the types of dresses apart from which we have been seeing in the pictures and cinematic videos.
Let’s take the one by one example of the super souls in connection to today’s fashion. The first reaction we all have got was like “Oh my God’s Fashion”!!!!!

  • If our God of Love “Lord Krishna” would have arrived then imagine if he was wearing formals with a tie-on his shirt and blazer on the shoulder then how it would be. Replacing the peacock’s feather from the crown with hat and the gel in hairs have given the gentleman type look and it must have suited him well.
  • Similarly, if our God of War “Goddess Durga” would have arrived then just imagine her in the western outfit of war with clutched hairs. Replacing the traditional jewellery with the with the modern bracelet and a watch on her hand. She must have looked elegant and bold with her energetic expressions.
  • If we move ahead to see Devon k Dev Mahadev “Lord Shiva” who only wears the dress with tiger-prints, must have looked a handsome persona with the dress of round neck shirts and denim jeans with a classy black jacket and a cool wristwatch. Of course, removing long hair with a spiky gelled one must have given the unique look to him.
  • Wonderful it would have been seeing our God of wealth “Goddess Laxmi” wearing the richest western red carpet dress in black colour and long hairs. No doubt, it would have been the richest look she must have carried among all of the super souls.
  • Likewise, if the rest of our Gods have tried and worn some different fabrics with a different pattern must have glorified their new fashionable looks.
    Our Gods must have felt delighted to be a part of the fashion trends which we humans the child of our Lords have created.

    Does in any way it would have changed the mind of humanoids for them?

    Well, it is a matter of mindsets. We all have different beliefs and thoughts for every subject around.
    When it comes to the subject of Religion, Gods and Worship the fluid of content in their minds gets differ in every way. This is really a matter of debate at last when humanoids will be requested to think and imagine our Gods in such fashionable clothes.

    On adding correct values to this matter the only thing we must learn to respect everyone around us no matter what they wear. Change your thoughts and beliefs with their attributes and traits they carry.

    “Because the beautiful hearts and respect for them can’t be seen or decided with the world of fashion they wear”.

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