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Monsoon Sitout

“Monsoon” the season to rejoice, the season to let yourself free, also the season to get laid back and enjoy mother earth and its beauty.How beautiful does this all sound…and to add on to this how interesting would it be if we welcomed mother earth with a nice cozy sitout setting, or a warm and stylish balcony to enjoy the view of  nature.These styling hacks can be well learnt by few small tips given to you by any interior designer or even if you are keen to do it by yourself.

Here are few tips to pep up your balcony spaces this monsoon season to feel fresh as ever:

Get Close To Nature: To enjoy the feel of nature you should first feel mother earth close to yourself.This can be done by using materials which give an earthy and natural feel.For example, use furniture out of raw carcass of wood,or cane or bamboo  which would let you connect more to mother earth.Use earthy tones and shades of browns, greens, olives,ochre yellow etc to give a rustic feel.Add a touch of bronze and gold to make it surreal and interesting.

Fill The Air With Fragrance: Welcome the nature and its bounty with natural fragrance of flowers and plants.Use danglers and creepers to avail the feel of outside world.Add Jasmine plants, Mogra,Gul Mohar,Monsoon Cassia to your planters to induce fragrance to the atmosphere.Keep them well arranged and distant to get the fragrance of each with the passing of air.Add a small water body with still or flowing water to add floating carnations, marigold, rose petals along with a sense of coolness.

Create A Wall Gallery: Decorate your bare walls with lively paintings with fresh colours or an artists mural work depicting a theme or concept.Add authentic wall lamps for evening play, with mud plastered or wall papered wall back drops.Mirrors with antique frames also works best for such places.Provision of small speakers to enjoy that monsoon music would add life to the space.

Last but not the least….Add Some Prints: Add some interesting fabrics to your garden furnitures in form or cushions, throws, table spreads with a dash of vibrant colours and a subtle backdrop.A furniture without a print is as bare as a stone.Pep it up with interesting prints to match up your décor and the season.

The list can never end here..we can help you create wonders out of small available things.Styling up a space is not just a creativity of an interior designer but an inbound talent of any individual who can take up this as a serious profession..So let your ideas keep flowing till we spruce up with more interesting hacks on interior designs and decors.

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