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INIFD Deccan’s Diwali Event Exhibiting Student Creativity

INIFD Deccan paves the path for an entire new generation of artists and designers. Sensing the need for a new world where traditional practices merge with the new, the institute opens up opportunities in innovation for students. The just-concluded and highly appreciated Diwali Festival Event is a step in that direction.

Hundreds of INIFD Deccan art and design students from a wide-range of courses have come together to curate an exciting and diverse Diwali exhibition. The installations included a vast range of theme-based diyas, lanterns, designer garments, designer duppattas, torans, paintings, murals, artifacts and floating candles, along with a host of creative and imaginative student creations up for display and sale during the two-day exhibition.

The event that was held on October 26th and October 27th at the Times and Trends Academy – Fame Hall, was a fitting celebration of the exciting art and design display! Hundreds of Punekars bought the displayed items to give away as gifts as well as to keep for themselves. There were detailed exchanges about the stories accompanying the displayed pieces and the professional-level of the work. The huge level of interest and accolades the students received is a huge boost to their morale.

The academy, through such exhibitions, aims to develop each student’s creative skills and the commitment necessary to work in a rapidly changing global culture, encouraging them to take their first steps into commercial sales.

During an interview, Mr. Amit Agrawal, the Director and Founder of INIFD Deccan and the Times and Trends Academy, beamed with pride saying, “The designs exhibited are so vibrant that they enticed visitors into buying them.” “Our youngsters constantly amaze me with their creative flair and innovation. The academy has always been in the forefront in inspiring students to follow their creative dreams, immersing students in the artistic process, encouraging them to view themselves as artists. I believe these creative events spark creativity, boost their confidence, and develop their entrepreneurial spirit, giving them a chance to view themselves as professionals,” he said.

One of the young students, an aspiring designer at INIFD Deccan, Pranoti Mahesh Chitnis said, “The show is a really good opportunity for us to showcase our work. And from what I’ve learnt helping organize the exhibition, I’d feel confident setting up something similar myself.”

Another student Neha Dhanwani added, “It is exciting to create a piece of work and have it sold. Being under the INIFD umbrella along with the other students, our mentors and professionals is a dream come true. I consider this a great start to my future career.”

Exhibitions of student art and design organized by INIFD Deccan, Pune have encompassed all the visual arts: painting, drawing, printing, designing, photography, film, video, architecture, decorative arts and more. INIFD Deccan Branch Head, Kirti Gade-Mahajan credits the huge success of these events to both the students and the staff.

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