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Dress For Your Body Type – PEAR

DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE – PEAR The most common body type of all, the pear shape lets you emphasize your slim neck, shapely shoulders, and defined waist. It is easy to work with the lower half that is heavier and put together a balanced outfit. Here's how you can...

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Top 10 Shoe Trends This Season (Part 2)

Continued from part one, these are the other trends for shoes this season! 6. Platforms and wedges: The most sought after type of shoe this year, the wedge heel is creating waves in the fashion scene. The most comfortable, platforms and wedges can make you look taller...

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Top 10 Shoe Trends This Season (Part 1)

Every new season brings new trends in fashion and style. This blog is dedicated to all the shoe crazy people who think shoes are the biggest part of fashion accessories! 1. Satin: A pair of satin shoes are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe even though they might...

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Reasons To Be a Fashion Designer

It isn’t being a fashion designer and a lot of work goes into the process of making it big in the industry. What will set you apart? Let’s find out if you have it in you! If you love shopping and dressing well and being around clothing is like being a kid in a candy...

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Careers in Fashion – Accessory Designer

From today, we are going to focus on the careers of designers and those involved with the creation and development of garments, costumes, and accessories. These are the individuals who are highly creative—the people who are the heart of the fashion industry. Accessory...

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Careers in Fashion – Costume Designer

Oh, to live in the world of make believe and come up with incredible dresses with hoop skirts or corsets. For some reason I can’t help but think of Scarlett O’Hara’s vampish red gown when I think of costume design. Maybe this is because my little sister as a kid, she...

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