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Never Get Outdated

Follow me – being strategic, analytical, communicative, dedicated and committed wouldn’t solve any of your problems. These are of no use if you don’t know how to crack the interview. Think!!! Now do what I have to say – just like the way you adopt KAIZEN, continuous...

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Its Good To Remind Yourself

Take my words - Sometimes its overwhelming to simply sit on that HOT SEAT and be answerable to all that the interviewer may ask you. You may think of many points before you enter the cabin and narrate all of your success stories and questions to clear your mind....

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You can also ask!!!!!!!!!

You need to get the thought process right. Any interviewer will be more than happy to speak about their organisation. They actually get proud and take pride in speaking about their accomplishments so far. You need to note that you are also more interested in knowing...

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Be Aware Of The Fish That You Want To Catch

Hear me out – you need to think about a question which the interviewer is mostly interested in knowing about you. Mostly why do you think the company should hire you or how different are you as compared to other candidates. What needs to be done - The above queries...

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Your Strengths Are Actually Strong

Hear me out – your skills, talents, values and strengths create an immense level of confidence in you. You can know all about yourself. You need to be your own advocate. What needs to be done – you can take time to analyse yourself and prepare an honest list of...

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Do Narrate Your Success Stories

Hear me out - What you need to consider is that an employer would judge your future performance based on the results shown by you. What needs to be done - This means, you need to prepare five to seven best experiences of your past job profiles. It may include your...

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Probable Queries

Hear me out - You can always have a list made of anticipated sets of questions. What needs to be done – you need to think from interviewer’s perspective. Think of yourself as if you yourself are the interviewer. You can start by asking yourself few set of questions...

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Couture vs. Ready to Wear

What is Couture? Couture or ‘Haute Couture’ meaning ‘High Fashion’ in French, originated in France in the 19th Century. High- class dressmakers making for the rich as well as royalty, made clothes in rich exceptional fabrics and trims, and were worn by flamboyant,...

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