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Article written by INIFD Deccan Pune Director Amit Agrawal

It is only when we give disregard to the possibility of failure that we can achieve great things.

It is wonderful to see hundreds of my aspiring interior designers of INIFD Deccan Pune working so hard & smart again and being justly rewarded for their dedication and sincerely.

Thank You so much Mangesh Ji and Bhakti Ji for your valuable time, guidance and for sharing every minute and major details related to “Recycling basics and plastic to create wonderful products and furniture pieces” with all of us here at INIFD Deccan Pune. Above all, for the positive difference and change you are bringing in hundreds and thousands of students lives through your teachings and mentoring. You deserve this great honor.

Dear ID Students and My excellent teammates comprising of Academic Head Varsha Chandwani, HOD Sneha Pullakwar and All Faculties of Interior Design Department.

I am so very proud of the amazing and various creative products that you have got conceptualized, designed and created under the able guidance and mentor-ship of Leading Architect Mangesh Jadhav and Mrs. Bhakti Jadhav. Making something possible depends not on what others believe of you, but what you believe of yourself. You have certainly proved that you can do anything you set your mind to. Congratulations to all of you for the successful completion of this amazing one full day workshop on ‘Recycling basics for the home’ . God Bless

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