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I Purple You

“I don’t love colours!”- said no man ever. Colours add life, they give a statement to our outfits, and when chosen wisely can have an everlasting effect on our personality.
One such colour which is making the eyes pop out & gaining great attention is “PURPLE” followed by crazy hashtags & one-liners like “I PURPLE YOU!”.

Purple is the last colour of the rainbow, makes you believe “I will trust & love you for a long time” as quoted by an ‘Urban Dictionary’ & Tae Hyung a popular singer from South Korea of Baungtan Boys. Seeing this rage “I PURPLE YOU”, the fashionista’s are leaving no stone unturned to get inspired or experiment with this colour.

Let’s take for instance our own Bollywood Diva- “Deepika Padukone”.

Deepika Padukone; a star icon. She never fails to impress and seize the eyeballs of everyone around in IIFA 2019. Once again she hits the social media with a “WOW” reaction on every mouth. The purple off-shoulder bodycon with a feathered skirt dress worn by Deepika got the internet talking designed by Gaurav Gupta.

Her Instagram was so distinctive which caught everyone’s attention with the hashtag-” I PURPLE YOU”.

Her feed of Instagram got bombarded with populous comments of netizens for this picture of her of an award show-IIFA 2019.

Glory Of Purple Dress

Before she walked onto the carpet of IIFA 2019; Deepika shared her pictures on Instagram of this rich, elegant look of the electric violet gown and the reaction was mesmerizing. All the fans went crazy. In the crowd of 83 B-town Celebs, Deepika was the one who took the compliments and get her Instagram flooded with fans comments.

And when she came on the floor with the flowing gown of feathers and flurry sleeves of lavender colour dress; she took the green carpet of IIFA 2019 to the next level.

This dress was inspired by the stained glass windows that reflect a beautiful blend of lavender and amaranth purple hues as the sunsets. The galactic glass with multi-shade embroidery is enhanced with plumage of degrade’ feathers gave a lavishing look and swooned Ranveer Singh and all out there in the night of IIFA 2019.

The suaveness & charm of this colour can never be matched by the hotness of Red or sophistication of Black.
The royalty the colour carries by default adds to the style statements of any individual, also taking them with the flow & rage for the love of Purple…Don’t be surprised when you’re proposed next saying “I PURPLE YOU!

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