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Field Trip of Students to Dubai

Recently, INIFD Deccan students of Interior Designing took an education field trip to Dubai. The purpose of the field trip was to make the students familiar with the international interior designs. Students visited places that are great buildings, and those which captivate the man’s attention. They also visited places that hold a great international importance.

Some of the places that students visited were Al Jumeirah, Dubai Museum, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and Marina Beach.

The Interior Designers were guided by the well-seasoned faculty to show the intricacies of the international interior designs and the difference adapted in the designing process.

Sneha Pullakwar, HOD, Interior Design INIFD Deccan, says, “The trip was extremely helpful and motivational for students. Such trips let the students experience the designs. And you cannot feel the designs from the photographs. We organize such trips that let the students get a clear picture of what it takes to design such marvels that are building. This helps the students to be more informative.”

Students were very excited during the trip, and the energy level kept on soaring as they continued to explore the new culture, designs, methodologies and other mysteries.  Students were very happy to be a part of the field trip.

The students said, “We are very motivated by the designs that we witnessed. Our ambition from today onwards will be to work harder and to be able to create such designs in the India as well. We are very thankful for the opportunity provided by the INIFD Deccan. The designs were really overwhelming, and I think this memory will stay for a long time with us and be an inspiration to be the world-class designer.  It was altogether an amazing life-time experience.”

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