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“Fashion is not about Brand; rather it’s a voice from within to style according to every mood every day!!”

A loop of fashion which is revolving around us is the vision of designers letting us accept the creativity to fit and flaunt in every kind of dress. Quotidian, thousands of established and neonate designers scuffle to stand on the expectations of their beloved clients.

INIFD Deccan’s fashion fiesta- is a gala celebration for all the budding designers to showcase their exuberance in the field of Fashion and embark their presence in this ever-growing industry.

Annually, INIFD Deccan stands out to make a difference-making you wonder why actually it’s known to be as ‘the cradle of designers!’. The beginning of 2020 unfolded the artistry of young minds under the chief guidance of their respective mentors of INIFD Deccan.

The buzzing theme MOD-EMPIRE 2020, highlighted all the current scenarios the world has been dealing in 2019, majorly focusing on how INDIA has been a part of it. The sub-themes were woven around this concept to bring live the creativity of young minds.


“Rome was not built in a day” likewise the foundation of the event was the students who have done their brainstorming, researches day and night along with their respective teachers to catch every eyeball; to be the limelight of the gala evening. An enthusiastic young mind stated during the event- “Maybe I can’t express my words but all I can say it was a priceless moment which made my parents proud of me and my choice of career in Fashion Design. In the generation of engineers & doctors, I’m proud to be a designer of my dreams”.

What exactly perfection means was easily seen when the spotlights fell on the garments. All the Knitty-gritty elements sparked up and provoked a “wow” from the audience. This was not only a moment for the students of INIFD Deccan who were diligent but also was a treasure for them to keep a count of their steps towards this growing industry of Fashion.

BACKGROUND HUSTLE:-Models, Choreographer, Makeup Artists to Photographers..all could be seen doing their best to make these students proud of their work..In the hustle-bustle of the backstage could be seen the zeal of the entire team who just wanted to shout out loud..” Cheers to INIFD Deccan”!!

The oomph of backstage increased when Celebrity Guest: Mr Sharad Kelkar marked his presence, making the students going gaga over his personality and the style he carried. He did leave a remarkable presence in the young minds and the audience as he shared his experience of being a Gladrags India Supermodel to the fame of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj character in “Tanhaji”

What better way to boost up student confidence when they see their role celebrity stars sharing their journey of success and promoting their designs!! Sharad Kelkar did not fail to impress them either.

Event Themes:Junior designers of INIFD Deccan put their zealous efforts to hit the message to every heart present at the venue on the following sub-themes name which awakened youth of India in 2019:-

  • Enchanted Garden – (Children’s Day)- “Like a child, fashion makes you happy and joyful”
  • Coastal Fun – (Coast, waves, vacations)-“Water waves too follow fashion, let’s flow with them!”
  • Celestial Ride – (Lunar Orbiter launched by ISRO)- “fashion is expanding the world of knowledge and experiments”
  • Musical Fete – (Harmonious Songs released in 2019 or the Singer)-“Fashion is like Music stay tuned.”
  • Military Roots – (Surgical Strikes, a movie URI)- “Fashion is the true nobility of a country”
  • Political Impact – (Act 370, Farmers Strike etc)-“Fashion is an instant language where no words like religious exist.
  • Organic Flair – (3R’s reduce, reuse & recycle)-“Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.”
  • Whimsical Bells – (Ceremonies of Bollywood Divas & Icons)-“A wedding dress reflects the personality and style of the bride.”
  • Digital World – (Mark Zukerberg brought newfashioned & user-friendly applications)- “In the world of Digital, Fashion is connected to the world to boost your brand”
  • A Jungle Safari – (A kingdom of Flaura & Fauna)- “Jungle of Fashion is a great adventure in every phase of either to dominate, hide or evaporate”

EXPERIENCES OF THE JURY & GUESTS: ‘What a show? Just like professionals at Grand weeks like Lakme, London & NewYork. I have never seen this type of show at college level’ Said Neelanjan Ghosh- Celebrity Designer & Co-founder & Creative head at Jajaabor. The face who has his hands behind the attire of Deepika Padukone and rest of the actors in the famous movies like ‘Ramleela’, ‘BajiraoMastani’ and many more in the count.

‘This breathtaking work of my students has hit the ground & made me proud. This show has really raised my next level expectation from them’ when asked Mr Anil Khosla- CEO of INIFD..

Junior designers of INIFD Deccan took their first biggest step & became the star of the evening with their tremendous kind of work. Their aesthetic garments got a loud cheer & thunderous applause with astounding faces of the public at the event.

One has said- “One Chance Is All We Need” A platform like this is not just a chance but a bridge between the students and their dreams in the field of Fashion Design, which INIFD Deccan values the most. Big fat names coming from the fashion industry who judged and added essence to the gala evening. All of them inspired the young minds with their journey for so far. They said- Work of junior designers of INIFD Deccan was so satisfying and alluring that we are proud to be a part of INIFD Deccan’s Grand Annual Show 2020!!

This kick start of the new year was just an entrance for aspiring stalwarts to walk on the road leading to a few more surprises to accomplish their dreams successfully.

This fashion fiesta has definitely made a long-lasting impression on young minds making them believe in their dreams and wanting them to be the “Generation Next” Designer.

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