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Fashion design is a thriving career in today’s times. The need to create something new is the reason for the love of this career. It is usually the great observers who make the best fashion evolution. Fashion design course details consist of garment construction, fashion history, fabric study etc.

Fashion designing course details imgFashion design degrees can be earned at the associate’s, bachelors, and master’s levels. Subjects studied in fashion design programs range from pattern development and drawing to visual merchandising and advanced styling, depending on the degree level.

Due to the nature of fashion design course details, enrolled students are typically required to complete a number of hands-on projects dealing with the start-to-finish process of garment creation. Fashion design students are also commonly required to create an original portfolio that showcases their work. Some courses may also give students the chance to gain additional fashion design skills by participating in runway shows.

It is with design that people differentiate between tailoring and design. Tailoring is the mechanism of giving life to a design. A design is the basis of tailoring. Not the other way round!

Fashion design course details have everything from fashion art, concept building, fashion illustration, fashion marketing, fashion communication, textile study, surface ornamentation etc.

It is fashion that makes the world bearable in today’s times. The variation in how you dress up, play an identity and speak a language without uttering any words is the fashion industry. So we design the careers of students by shaping their core syllabus in a manner apt to teach them the basics and vital details of design at INIFD Deccan.

Fashion designing course details img Fashion designing course details img

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