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Embracing all things Sustainable

Sustainability is the broad principle of delicate behavior towards nature. Well, the global population is rising which is already expected to grow by 9 billion till 2030 making it difficult for nature to meet the human demands like never before. We humans the consumer of natural resources definitely need to give our attention towards this burning concern about the environment.

Seeing this both big Fashion and Interior industries transmogrified the in-house functions, operational practices and industry models to meet the needs of generation by substantial use of natural resources.

Sustainable wardrobe: The Fashion Revolution of 2019

Moving ahead with lots of fascinating demands of the generation on shoulders apparel Industry made a great revolutionary turn in the year 2019.

Significance of Sustainability for Designers

All across the globe the “Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) 2020 Commitment,” introduced by the Waste and Resources Action Programme strict to the following notable points:

  • ● High Material Sustainability Index (MSI)
  • ● High Design Development Module (DDM)
  • ● High Product Module (PM)

SCAP has a collaborative framework aiming high at 15% reduction in Carbon, Water and Waste.

The 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment introduced by the Global Fashion Agenda includes

  • ● Reducing the amount of micro fibers
  • ● Mitigate toxic waste, toxic chemicals
  • ● Supports Animal Rights
  • ● Manufacturing of Eco-Friendly clothes
  • ● No to Fast Fashion
  • ● Design strategies for Recycle and Reuse

Not only this both Indian and International Apparel Designers like Uma Prajapti, Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani-Khan, Péro by Aneeth Arora, Meghna Nayak and AM:IT by Amit Agarwal, Stella McCartney, Eileen Fisher, Vivienne Westwood, Katie Jones, Spencer Phipps and many more. All these fashion designers are encouraging the community to board on the slow fashion movement with sustainable practices.

The materials used by these designers are organic cotton; recycle textiles excluding fur and leather.

  • ➔ Eileen Fisher took a step ahead with her company addressing human rights, concepts of sustainable and many more.
  • ➔ Similarly, Jones approaches “Waste Not” to all the apparel designers.
  • ➔ Meghna Nayak runs the upcycling label citing #whomademyclothes campaign where she says, “A clear supply chain is the hallmark of ethical fashion.”
  • ➔ Jambudweep is a place in India called as spectacle of products crafted from non-hazardous industrial waste.

Top Fashionable brands embracing the age of Sustainability are:

  • ➔ Levis
  • ➔ Alternative Apparel
  • ➔ Pact
  • ➔ Everlane
  • ➔ ThredUP
  • ➔ H&M Conscious
  • ➔ Cuyana and many more

60-80% Eco-friendly fashion designers made a great impact on the garments by making their choices to align their visions to go Sustainable.

Retro to Sprucing Sustainable Interior Designs in 2019

Society is becoming responsible and in re-building the environment friendly Interior Designs. As well as including best out of waste concept conducted in every school, colleges and a business firm to save the environment.

Most people are alluring the sustainability as a fashion statement but it is more eco-friendly total turns out from the retro, vintage to the good eco-friendly pieces of interior works both in personal and professional areas.

In the year 2019 the super Interior designers sprucing the use of natural products and believe in the following disciplinary points to go sustainable:

  • ● Design Energy Efficiency
  • ● Design for low environmental impact
  • ● Reduce the waste
  • ● Design for flexibility and longevity

According to the Environmental Sustainable Interior Design (ESID) it is found that the demand and supply for Green Sustainable and Fair Trade (GSFT) is much more in the marketplace. The wide range GSFT products in the marketplace like fabrics, window treatments, surface materials, flooring, walls and ceilings are however increasing the sustainability rate.

Like the Fashion Design contributing their best in the biggest revolution of Sustainability, Like the Interior Design joined the hand of this revolution with the help of BIOPHILIC DESIGNS.

Below is a list of some Sustainable Interior Design Products in use and are in demand to grow:

  • ➔ Coco Tiles
  • Stepping ahead and embracing the eco-friendly products Coco Tiles is the fantastic innovation by Kirei. These decorative tiles have intricate basket-weave or scalloped designs. Also, each tile is finished with low-VOC resin and set on a backer made of sustainably harvested wood. These tiles are easily cut with the help of a dry tile saw and easily can be installed with a panel adhesive and nails.

  • ➔ Strand woven Bamboo Flooring
  • Luxurious Bamboo flooring derived over hardwood is a Green Choice Flooring International makes an end-material that is two-and-a-half times as hard and more durable than oak. It is a good choice in sustainable products for the interior values both in our home sweet homes as well as in the professional floors.

  • ➔ Bio-Glass
  • From the name Bio-Glass which is designed with 100% luminescent material post-consumer recycled glass. The good point of Bio-Glasses is that it is contained with no binders, colorants, fillers, or other admixtures, and has no off-gassing. On hand a good choice for floors, walls, and countertops, Bio-Glass by eco-coverings features a satin finish with a slightly hammered texture serving the washrooms both in texture and a green product.

  • ➔ Natura Paint
  • Sometimes with a wrong choice of paint for the house pays you off with a strong odor can affect the aroma of the house. Benjamin Moore patented a waterborne colorant system. This paint is laboratory tested of indoor air quality; a natural released fewer which contain total volatile organic compounds after painting other than zero-VOC paints.

  • ➔ Eco Rock
  • Eco-Rocks consist of 80% post-industrial recycled materials. Also, it requires 80% less energy to add value to the Sustainability. EcoRock is best in outperforming the other mold-resistant drywall by 50% and offers a cleaner score and snap that emits 60% less dust. It is easily affordable and a similar product to the other mold-resistant.

Exposure to natural light is also one of the ways both for physical and natural health of surrounding.

Likewise there are many more new eco-products transforming and spreading awareness among the generation.

Yes, definitely now everyone should be aware of the nature well being as in the way they care for themselves. One must embrace the surroundings they live in. It is not about the Fashion or Interior Industry but every industry, organization or a system needs to work collaboratively to spread the Greenness to live healthy and happy in this wonderful world. It’s really the age of big revolution in concern called Sustainability to save and grow the green environment all around.

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