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When we were kids, we had a carefree life, void of any worries or pressures. We would eat, sleep and play as and when we want to. But alas, when we grow up, we see that life brings us into situations we never thought of… We are strangled breathless in the midst of chains wound around us – chains made of peer pressure, parental expectations and the need to have self-realization. This is where making the correct career choice comes into play.

imgIf you have that creative mind and aim for your imaginations to transform into reality, fashion design is the ideal career choice for you. With the help of a well-assembled course or a Diploma in Fashion Design from a reputed college, you can become a competent fashion creator who is able to make heads turn with the innovative designs

The current turn of progression in the Indian fashion industry has made fashion design a lucrative career choice for many young aspirants today. Whether it is a full time or a Diploma in Fashion Design course, fashion is all about how well you absorb the latent techniques. This revived focus on fashion design as a career is also a consequence of the escalation in the need of capable designers. While making sure to keep up with the pace of the change in trends, INIFD Deccan has put together various degrees and Diploma in Fashion Design courses that enable budding designers to give feathers to their creativity with the help of technical know-how as well as practical applications.


There is lots of scope for experimentation and analysis that the fashion institutes today use to prepare their students in a manner that empowers the students to take charge of their respective fashion careers.

With a holistic fashion-design course or a diploma in fashion design, students not only get to learn about the finer nuances of the art of fashion but also get hands-on training in using various designing tools that include software like Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Photoshop as well as sewing, apparel construction and styling paraphernalia. These tools play a very important role in all aspects of designing. It is of prime importance to have detailed knowledge of the different soft wares used in the fashion field to be a good designer.

Professional and experienced industry experts attached to these institutes also help students learn the intricacies of fabric sourcing, creative illustrations, stitching as well as pattern designing. Their experience in the trade also plays a major role in helping aspiring designers to structure their career path as it is from them that students get to learn about common mistakes and winning strategies that make a good and world-famous designer.

INIFD Deccan, which is one of the city’s best design school, with students embarking their fashion design journey through London fashion weeks, they enable and empower the pupils studying here to become achievers and highly skilled fashion-creators who are commended for their creativity and larger than life designs. The institute has some of the most experienced faculty training students to give the best output when they independently commence their career.

They have the most widespread fashion designing and diploma in fashion design courses aimed at giving all round exposure to aspiring designers. So if you intend to see yourself featured in the list of top fashion designers in India, you can completely trust them to shape your career in the best way possible!

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