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Coat In Action

Fashion is the most aesthetic expression gives a versatile statement for distinctive body proportions. And, when it comes to fashion then layering is vital. Your outerwear is the first outfit which makes eye contact with people. A cool way to let your light layers to fall; & let you standout unparalleled in the crowd.

The Style expert Jasmine Snow told, “Good Morning America” that women of all body types — curvy, athletic or petite — can pull off the trend if they know what to look for.

“It’s really about pairing it with the right outfit and it’s about confidence,” Snow explained. “You’re going to get that confidence when the coat fits you well.”

So, definitely, pairing matters a lot in which coats are one of them. In the world of trends, clothes are classic for both genders of different age, in different seasons.

To bring some uniqueness designers nowadays released their peculiar designed coats. A plus one to almost every type of outfit. From camel to colourful, trench to faux fur; weddings, parties, casual wear, coats are in action.

Check out the types of coats which you can accomplish with various types of inner layers.

  • Camel coats are long swishy overcoat with sharp labels; ultrasoft undercoat of the Bactrian camel. A perfect accompaniment for party season. Enhance your dress and mix up your fashion style with a roll neck, black jeans with camel coats.

  • ● CAR COAT
  • Car coats are designed by taking a person in the picture while driving a car. These coats are a perennial choice with mix shade of royal colours blue and black.

    A short square cut, simple in look and autumn season is the best one to pick this coat.

  • A synthetic polymeric fibre, so much warmer which is engineered like an animal fur. Faux fur coats are very real and rule the trend mostly in winters.

  • The trench coats; mainstay from last 100 years is designed to protect from wind and rain. The raglan sleeves, double-breasted, the insulated lining, a waterproof coat inspired from the soldiers are pretty blushed tone to carry out.

  • The mysterious glamour of the 1930s gets returned nowadays. Cloaks symbolize of supernatural whereas capes symbolize of the dreamer; designed to resist water and mud. A loose garment over the shoulder covers the front and back and likely to be wear in the evenings.

Likewise, winter breaker, Peacoat, Chesterfield coat, Duster, Cocoon coat, Duffel coat are the floating coat trends.


Whether it’s a traditional, party or a wedding season you can dress up with coats for a confident, lavish look. As the autumn season is on the way coats become the first choice to carry out.

But fashion is the experimental vision needs a lead to flow to educate the styling of clothes in a new way. Who else can lead the fashion styling better than our BT stars? B-Town stars are the major icons followed to shape a coat as well with all type of clothes to inspire their fandoms.
Famous designer Anushe Pirani says-“Everybody now wants to own a blazer and throw it over anything they wear, be it a cami dress, a polo tee or even shorts”.Creativity rule every kind of dresses bit even an Indian saree. Sonam Kapoor wears the creative style coat with loose knits, a colour block like a cardigan over saree which looked fabulous on her. Not only BT divas but BT handsome hunks never failed to promote styling in young men. The versatile actor who has spread his aroma all around the industry-Ranveer Singh, in black Jodhpuri coat with bottom breeches; complete royal look magnified his fandoms.

The bold statements came from the fashion styling of BT stars are all reminders that “clothes always mean something, all you need is the inner confidence” maybe it’s a coat or further outfit.

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