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Balcony and Solace…

#BetterTogether affairs, love is in the air, remember that Anushka Sharma’s recent gram picture, sipping coffee in her balcony in the setting sun clicked by her be-loved husband Indian Captain Virat Kohli.

Well looking at that picture we all dreamed of those beautiful balcony evenings, for the evening breathers.

Balconies are your spot, there knot with solace is so tight that those beautiful tea evening, or house & tea parties, imagining them only just feels like a bliss. There is a breather element in every corner of the balcony, that fresh breeze, that feeling of being with oneself, those dangling beautiful plants making you feel refreshed, the wind chimes playing the melody with the wind sound. Balcony is a beautiful place to be in…

So, such a place should not only be comfortable but also pleasing to the eye, don’t you think? So here is a read that can help you turn your balcony into the most happening spot. This beautiful marriage of solace and balcony must be decorated well:

  1. The chill seats:

The key to finding solace is a comfortable seating. Chairs with straight back always remind us of classrooms, and office chairs, and never of chilling. Thus, the chairs that lounge your heart out, make you feel at comfort, help you stretch in that setting sun, chairs just like the beach chairs are the best suited for a balcony affair, with a cute little table in the middle to hold your tea cups, glasses of bliss, and likewise.

  1. Make it LIT:

Good lighting always transforms the entire ambiance of the place. Good lighting makes the place glow… even those cute little fairy lights when donned around the plants, those pretty little lamps, and wall light just add-on the needed magic to the balcony. These lights make the balcony make love to solace in its warm golden sparkles. These lights make the balcony a LIT place to party as well as to have a LIT moment all to yourself.

  1. Funk it up:

A carpet, colourful pots, hanging flowery plants, just add that spunk-funk to your balcony. These colourful creatures funk-up your balcony making it more beautiful to be in.

Okay, so enjoyed your read? Imagine if these three points can entertain and enlighten you so much, then enrolling for Interior Design at INIFD Deccan will definitely help you channelize your creativity towards your Interior Design Dreams.

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