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A Velvety Affair

Velvet the stylish fabric of the fashion world comes from the Latin word Vellus symbolizing power and wealth.
Wow! To the silky, shiny and brilliant tones listed the favourite ones for the pops and aristocrats. But starting from the east to west coast it started spreading to make a stand in the count of fashionable clothes of different fabrics.

Fashion Design always goes with some new ideas to make a presence with the hit list of dresses, traditions which are appreciated all around the world. Affair with fashionable clothes and fashion is very old so making it more valuable and lovable in between the audience is the big task what a fashion designer actually does.

The 90’s fashion is back again. Velvet the sumptuous fabric is once again on the trend helping us from day to night with some awesome chicest dress may be jackets, tops, skirts, blazers and also on the stylish blouse patterns.
A modern way of style, city and fashion updated the fabric, fashion, and fashion design.

Mesmerizing 5 Chic Velvet Dresses
The grand velvet material mostly adores blossom colours like Red, Scarlet, Emerald Green, Royal Navy Blue. But now, the rest of the colours also linked with the velvet fabric.

    A saree when goes with the designer blouses of numerous designs, patterns and fabrics make it more fascinating to see. Velvet blouse lacks nowhere behind to give a rich, elegant look for women wearing saree. Velvet blouse with golden or white jari or with golden thread on dark bold colours makes the blouse piece more ethnic to wear.
    Variety of blazers in an informal way over the formal shirts make the evening functions more celebrating. But a velvet shiny blazer in the evening or night allure the crowd and brings the confidence from inside. Both the genders of today’s world like the notion of velvet on blazers and even on coats.
    Pairing the velvet tops with denim jeans and puffed from the shoulder is the perfect combination for the fashion. This fabric requires less jewellery on the body because of the brilliant tone the velvet got.
    Women always on confusion goes with the one accurate option called evening long gowns. Amazing it is when gowns follow the velvet fashion trend. Go and give a look to the west coast these gowns already entered the zone of fancy and comfortable dress in the picture.
    Already as discussed in the above points, velvet pants same adoring the fashion sense of 2019. Party wears being the most choosy ones but after stylish glance on the velvet fabric made it easier for the people to decide the hot look in between the numerous crowd. Velvet pants in different colours and shades are the finest collection on the node of fashion design.

Season’s First Choice is Velvet
The winter and spring seasons are the fascinating and wanting seasons for the velvet choice. This luxurious fabric pulling everyone out for purchasing and make a love affair with the velvet ones.

From Bollywood to Hollywood, in every online shopping zones, Velvet dresses maybe blouse, skirts, tops, gowns, jackets, pants, robe or the other are very demandable.

The recent sluttery pictures of both big screen celebs like lady gaga, Miley Cyrus, Dia Mirza, Tammana Bhatia and many more can be seen in the stylish dress going with the bold and brilliant tone Velvet.

Bringing a change in society or making a change in the going trend intricate the designers very much. When the trial was done on velvets and the fashion carried by the velvet in the behind the result was mind-blowing. Giving a glance on the 90’s and 21st-century look of the velvet has a wide difference. In almost every kind of both the gendered dress, it goes right. Collection of Bridal dress is the top class in choosing the option of velvet lehenga or a velvet blouse in the big fatty wedding functions.

Embrace the velvet touch got the big hit likes from all around the world. A big thumbs up and a big Yes with smiley face given the chance to velvet fabrics and dresses to come in the market race of fashion world.

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