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A Moment With The Walls

Home is where your heart is

Wonderful the feeling is having your heart feel alive, healthy, and relaxed. The picture gets different when it comes to the interior decoration of home sweet homes. Each and every wall of the home plays a vital role in defining the beauty of one’s home.

We often have heard the lines on walls goes like that “ The wall has an ear” but have you ever wonder that “The wall has a language”? Sounds little crazy but yes! Like the dress you wear speaks about you likewise the wall you decorate speaks about your lifestyle.

Take a deep breath, and invest your couple of minutes to re-decorate your home with mixed, beautiful colours and artistic designs.

It’s pretty sure that the picture with a wall in the frame in the image must be far far better than the real picture you can see with your naked eyes of your home.

WALLS: The Voice Of Homes!

Let the walls of your home be the sweetest voice of your lovely home.
But the question arises How and Why?

Let’s begin with the very first question HOW?
Living in a fancy, decorative world home is one of the things people love and want to decorate. Interior Designers here get the big opportunity by extending their wonderful creations with artistic designs with colours, sketching, theme, quotes and many more in the count to let the wall speak the loudest language of the home.

Here are some of the creative and magnificent ideas you can try and adore your homes.



    The large scale art is on-trend. Looking at space dimensions BIGGER IS BETTER! Best Interior Designers can aid you to go with large scale arts that can fill up the visual field on your barren walls even the ceilings. Big masterpieces of artistic designs come in all big shapes, sizes and as well as with the popular categories like:
    ★ Monumental Masterpieces
    ★ Vintage Arts
    ★ The theme of World Maps
    ★ Custom Artwork
    ★ Panoramic Art
    ★ 1/2/3 Pieces of Artwork
    ★ Animals Artwork
    and numerous categories are on the hit list where these big prints make a big statement.

    After the large scale art gallery wallpapers, the gallery wallpaper wins the heart of the homes. Gallery wallpapers also have multiple themes like:
    ★ 3D Designs
    ★ Abstract Wallpapers
    ★ Floral Wallpapers
    ★ Ornamental Wallpapers
    ★ Geometrical Wallpapers
    ★ Rich Classical Thematic Wallpaper
    Above thematic wallpapers can go with the type of wallpaper sheets like:

    • ➔ Vinyl Wallpaper
    • ➔ Solid Vinyl Wallpaper
    • ➔ Paper Blacked Wallpaper
    • ➔ Glass Cloth or Fabric Wallpaper

    The best part of these wallpapers is that this wallpaper doesn’t damage your walls.

    Mirrors welcome the home decor and wall decoration with the classic designs of mirrors hanged on the wall. Create a centre focal point on your wall and use several mirrors at once 4-5 feet above the ground level. Mirrors seize the possible daylight in the home. Who don’t like mirrors? It is rare being like this because mirrors are always been part of homes and walls. So why not use it as decorative art for your homes?
    First of all the Mural Paintings are the creative artwork date back to the times of prehistory associated with Modern man, who first appeared in Africa around 200,000 BC, and began migrating northwards into Europe and Asia sometime after 100,000 BC. Now, the decorators, the intellectual and practical interior designers brought this concept in the picture of home decor.
    Our India is rich with the mural wealth enriching the beauty of homes by their 3D designs and artwork on the wall of the living room.
    Have you ever gave a thought about the idea of plates that can we use it as our home decor item?
    Oh Yes! This is the exclusive modern idea running on the trend. Colourful, artistic designers plate all together in different sizes and shapes are being used in the walls of our dining room and elsewhere you want to.
    What a creative idea after a reflective mirror if lightening up the room can be used as a piece of an art which can hang on a wall? Sculptural Sconces are something interesting making a statement with a variety of styles like:
    ★ Bamboo Wall Lamp
    ★ Large Brass Sconces with vintage
    ★ ORI Wall Sconce
    ★ Cast Bronze “Meteorite” Wall Lights
    Likewise, there are many options to decorate your sweet homes in a pocket price.
    Plants are every time being the source of attractiveness. Also, called as the symbol of freshness and positivity. Indoor Plants are really a good option for people planning to re-decorate their homes. Money plant, Spider Plant, Sword Fern Rubber Fig and others are the beautiful ideas not only for the homes but also for the office areas.

Now, coming to the question WHY?
Interior Designers and Interior Designs allowing the generation to see the fantasy world with their naked vision in this living world. When we talk about homes so they make an important statement in defining the language of homes. Also, a few basic reasons which add up to the above WHY are Vastu, festivals, throwing a party and a guest to invite in your home. They bring the reason for happiness and helping you to connect the beautiful people around.

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