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Before we go into what is Fashion Designing, we will see what is designing. The process of creating or drawing illustrations, concepts and ideas are called as Designing. Designing can be very simple, and designing can be very complex also. The degree of complexity will usually depend on the form of designing.

So what is Fashion Designing? Fashion Designing in simple words would be designing anything that forms to be ‘Fashion.’ Fashion Designing is all about making and creating designs for clothing and lifestyle accessories.

Fashion Designing is certainly not new, and it has existed for a very long time, but, officially it has been there since 19th century. We have all heard stories about royal people getting their dresses, ornaments and garments stitched and designed for particular people. The people who designed were ‘Fashion Designers’ in today’s sense. So, fashion designing has a very long history.

Fashion Designing is creating designs that can be either for a bracelet, garments, ornaments, watches, accessories, gadgets, etc.  Fashion Designing is majorly related to garments. So, designers design the sketches or work on the dresses. The Fashion Design industry is booming and a hot industry to be in. There are too many brands and fashion houses that have made their mark around the globe.