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What does it really take to convert a house to home? Is it the lavish interiors that is important or the comfort or the colour, the style,the trend? What is that we are actually looking for when styling our homes? The answer to this is the interior forecast of 2017!!

Hear it from the experts or consult it from the younger designer clan..the most common points to consider  while revamping your homes are to keep things simple basic.

In 2017 people will show a more conscious approach towards consumerism , preferring more quality solutions and natural materials to feel more and more ease at home.

In contrast to metallic finishes, glossy surfaces, bold colours etc 2017 would welcome the consumers with more healthy natural colour palette along with an exposed raw finished work giving a total sense of  sustainability.

This would not only create a very healthy relaxing environment but also give more and more scope to play with mother earth and feel it around us.

This year is surely for the Go Green motto which is already being promoted through many channels and resources of design.

Lets welcome 2017 with a freshness and zeal towards mother earth thus creating a visual impact on the consumers now and forever!!