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20 Steps to Declutter your Closet – Part 2

In an earlier post, there was a small quiz to help you know for sure if your closet is cluttered. Can you relate to the concept of a cluttered closet? If you do, then this post is definitely for you, for in this 4-part post, we shall talk about some effective steps to...

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Are You Revealing too Much?

Our culture has taught us to judge people by their external characteristics instead of taking the effort to discover the “real” person hidden within, and clothes are the first thing that most people are likely to notice about you when you walk into a room. It is...

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How to Select a Franchise for your Business

There are many ways to research interior design franchise businesses. The easiest route is the internet. Here, you will not only find various franchise options but also get details of their offerings, clientele, scale of operations, and so on. Another method is to...

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Why We Buy More than We Need

Have you ever met anyone who is a compulsive shopper or what we refer to as a shopaholic? If you have, then you must be well aware of their unique behaviour that is characterized by an unnatural and uncontrollable urge to keep on buying stuff even if one doesn’t have...

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