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Your Strengths Are Actually Strong

Hear me out – your skills, talents, values and strengths create an immense level of confidence in you. You can know all about yourself. You need to be your own advocate. What needs to be done – you can take time to analyse yourself and prepare an honest list of...

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Do Narrate Your Success Stories

Hear me out - What you need to consider is that an employer would judge your future performance based on the results shown by you. What needs to be done - This means, you need to prepare five to seven best experiences of your past job profiles. It may include your...

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Probable Queries

Hear me out - You can always have a list made of anticipated sets of questions. What needs to be done – you need to think from interviewer’s perspective. Think of yourself as if you yourself are the interviewer. You can start by asking yourself few set of questions...

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Couture vs. Ready to Wear

What is Couture? Couture or ‘Haute Couture’ meaning ‘High Fashion’ in French, originated in France in the 19th Century. High- class dressmakers making for the rich as well as royalty, made clothes in rich exceptional fabrics and trims, and were worn by flamboyant,...

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Changing Your Home Can Change Your Life!!

 We believe decorating can change your life! And we’re not the only ones….read on... John, a psychotherapist: “When I redecorated, I was afraid about what I would do with all of my sentimental possessions. I have a large family and have inherited a lot of things...

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Tools, Not Rules!

We’d like to briefly mention just a few things that are very important to us in writing this email series. These are the guiding principles behind the process we’re presenting to you, and we thought we’d better come right out and admit a few things right now. So…...

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Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Home?

Are you ready to rediscover your life, your graceful joy, and inner harmony? Are you ready to greet the day with crisper breath, lighter steps, and a dream that dances in your heart? Are you ready to look through your home – whatever its size or shape – and sigh a...

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